DATE: 09.05.2010, Sun
VENUE: Jazz Cafe
ADDRESS:  5, Parkway, Camden, London, NW1 7PG
TICKETS: £15 (presale) £20 ( ATD )

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POLSKA YEAR! , IAM and Megayoga presents first time in Ireland Polish Jamaican project.

When the legendary Jamaican artist Norman ‘Twinkle’ Grant, during one of his trips to Eastern Central Europe in 1991, was introduced to the songs of the Trebunie-Tutki string ensemble he immediately discovered Roots Reggae vibration in their Tatra Mountain music. He went on to meet the Tatra Mountain artists and then to subsequently play and sing together with them. Norman Grant and Dub Judah entered the snow covered mountain hut of the Trebunia ‘Tutka’ family in the late autumn of 1991.

They started playing together straight away, each bringing their own, different, cultures into this new creation. The session lasted three days and resulted in the newly formed Twinkle inna Polish Stylee band, setting off to a studio in Warsaw, to record their first record, which was entitled 'Higher Heights'. The album was released in 1993.

Since then the band has recorded a number of albums including ‘Dub with Strings’, ‘Come back Twinkle’ and most recently, in 2008, ‘Songs of Glory’.

 Although the first notes of the songs played together by The Twinkle Brothers and Trebunie Tutki family saw the daylight in 1993, the music still remains one of the best kept secrets outside of Poland, having never broken through beyond a small group of consummate connoisseurs of world music. This is mainly due to the fact that to date there have only been a very few live Twinkle-Trebunie performances, and none outside of Poland. Yet, it is during the live performances that this exceptional phenomenon of Jamaican roots reggae and the Polish Mountain strings working together in perfect unison can be fully appreciated.

 Following a very successful Twinkle Brothers & Trebunie ‘Tutki’ family Summer 2009 mini-tour of  Southern Poland, the Kleszcz Brothers Management has been formed to make this truly uplifting musical experience available to music lovers across Europe and the World.

 As the FROOTS magazine commented in its Aug/Sept 2009 edition “Wlodek Kleszcz was the mastermind of the project that in 1993s put together on his modest Kamahuk label the unlikely musical collaboration by leading Tatra Mountains traditional fiddling family Trebunie Tutki with Jamaican reggae musician Norman Grant and his band The Twinkle Brothers; the project achieved national fame in Poland with its debut Higher Heights – Twinkle inna Polish Stylee and has gone onto a string of other recordings including mixing by UK dub master Adrian Sherwood”.









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