Megyoga Music and general sponsor ' International sim from O2 ' proudly presents for the first time in London , KAMIL BEDNAREK from Poland play live gig @ Cargo.

Polish musician, composer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. In 2008-2012, a lead singer of Star Guard Muffin formation. Since 2012, he worked under the new name BEDNAREK formation.In April 2011, Kamil’s biggest dream came true – he and his formation went to Jamaica. In the legendary Bob Marley’s studio - “Tuff Gong” in Kingston, they recorded their own compositions together with many respectable guests from the reggae music motherland. Among others, the recordings include such people as: Capleton, Steve Newland from Rootz Underground, vocal trio „Tamlins” or the saxophonist Dean Fraser.


In July 2011, they entered the „Uncharted” – the list of „Billboard”, an American music magazine, summarizing the most popular Internet celebrities worldwide,  who have never been mentioned on any other list of this magazine. On 7th July 2011, they reached the forth place on this list!!!







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