Izrael has been one of the most important band in Polish music industry ever.
First reggae crew from Poland finally has became  very unique band
connecting many music styles in their own unique way ( reggae,punk,jazz,funk,rock )
Musicans from this band created many other famous band in Poland like
Armia, Brygada Kryzys,Houk, 2TM2,3, Falarek , Maleo Reggae Rockers, Deuter.
In 2008 band published their new album " Jah Ludzie " recorded in Mad Professor's ARIWA studios after last common gig in London and this autumn They going to release DUB album mixed by ad Professor and Joe Ariwa.

More Izrael show details HERE

Some more events will be confirm soon  : Abradab, Tymon Tymanski / Mozdzer @ London Jazz Fetsiwal and VooVoo 25th birthday's show


foto : Grzesiek Lepiarz



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